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Photos Of Women Viginas Are You Allowed To Have Naked/sexy Photos Of Women When You Are Deployed?

Are you allowed to have naked/sexy photos of women when you are deployed? - photos of women viginas

I've taken some pictures to the Cabinet a gift for my friend, before going abroad. But I'm not sure if this could cause him problems?


Taishar said...

As a member of the Canadian Forces in May of the following items are not considered essential. But in Iraq, is the pornography of the Iraqi law is very strictly defined.

Orders do General Order No. 1) was as in the area of responsibility of CENTCOM (Middle East The Ministry of Defense and the U.S. government is everything to prevent smuggling, hurt the feelings of countries who are currently working in.

This possession of alcohol, pornography and are) illegal drugs (medications.

Send photos friend is a nice gesture, but not appropriate in this circumstance.

Since the device is a commander for the conduct of his troops, which tend very strict with reference to GO # 1 responsibility. Penalties for the confiscation of property, advice declarations, letters of reprimand and 15, the two companies (captain and below) and the degree of land (larger and more). If the offense is sufficiently serious to convene the authority of the command-May a court martial and bring perpetrators to justice.

Some pÖsters question asked UCMJ and its purpose, so I included the relevant sections, and a link to a copy of General Order No. 1

The relevant paragraph on pg. 3, Section 3,
Paragraph e.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), federal legislation is passed by Congress. Articles 77 to 134 of the UCMJ are known as the "punitive articles" - ie, certain offenses in violation punishable by court martial.

Article 15 is entitled to a military commander, a court sanction on the soldiers under his command, to impose.
- Article 15 gives right to the commander punished.

However, Article 92 The refusal to an order or regulation --
Any person subject to this chapter who-(1) violate or not to obey a general order or legal settlement (2) with knowledge of any arrest warrant by another member of the Armed Forces, issued the will obey his duty to obey, not the order or (3) should be abandoned in the exercise of their functions;
pUnishe as a court-martial in May conduct.

And Article 134 General rules --
All disorders and neglects to the detriment of good order and discipline in the armed forces to discredit any acts of the nature of the armed forces, and crimes and offenses not only capital, including those owed under this chapter of May, they deliberately of a general, special or court-martial, depending on the nature and extent of the offense is at the discretion of the court can be imposed.

It is a violation of GO # 1, you will get a soldier in difficulty and may, under Article 90 and Article shall be punished 134th

Personally, I saw the whole spectrum of demand, while I was stationed with the Army in Iraq. I saw soldiers have confiscated their properties and they only receive a warning. I also saw a soldier confiscated his articles, get a field grade Article 15, reduced in rank is the loss of benefits, and to the maximum limit allowed. (BTW: This soldier was later found thatI violated GO # 1 with alcohol and pornography and other violations that occurred more than one category, private schools, and is currently in prison)

(Yes, it happens, despite what some say wrongly, not military posters)

Is this really want to do this for your friend? Yes

Is it advisable? Probably not.

But many people.

One last note: The first poster said, run rumors. Apparently he does not understand the concept of what is actually a reduction of the legal rule of evidence.

Rumors is the legal term that statements outside of court or other judicial proceedings relate, and is part of the rule, stating that the admission of the evidence submitted.

It has nothing to do with the validity of the order or the UCMJ.

Tinzy said...

The first time my husband was deployed, he said he was not allowed to have any kind of pornography. While everyone is still so a guy who never had a problem for Playboys. Now, do not fight altogether. He did nothing to throw away than the ladder, and that the end of it was. My husband is back in action and had to leave me some pictures of me and hid in files on the laptop, which is the best. Even if someone on the computer, not in a position to find them.

mustangs... said...

Not supposed to have. If not as porn, but naked. You can get a section 15 for them if found.

But many men. You'll be surprised how much pornography is still there, I spent several women who know these photos sent are lost the pictures, and suddenly, the images on the Internet. Please do not send anything that you do not want to see the world. Be good

Army wife is right with his answer.

jc said...

it should go, if not a reflex for him. it depends on the nation in which it unfolds. Japan does not allow pornographic material at all. Find your real seabags when you arrive. However, not much. I did when I was four meters high pile of magazines tourism. everyone does. im sure that friend you have not seen what is less than fat. then they must be consistent with the magazines!

jc said...

it should go, if not a reflex for him. it depends on the nation in which it unfolds. Japan does not allow pornographic material at all. Find your real seabags when you arrive. However, not much. I did when I was four meters high pile of magazines tourism. everyone does. im sure that friend you have not seen what is less than fat. then they must be consistent with the magazines!

Mrsjvb said...

no. and yes, you can get into trouble, and for having pornography in the country.

Boys are taking increasingly 15TS Article sexy photos of their spouses in their personal laptop.

basically everything that is porn, the porn host account .. and Muslim nations .. Bikini pic is porn

Rawbert said...

We had a lot of them in our tanks. Store personal photos, but magazines are passed around.

We were a unit to fight and there were no women around zero, our cars have nobody in mind to what the photos, books, magazines, we had.

CRAIGGER... said...

ABSOLUTELY! It's technically * against certain rules - but believe me, everyone, and if you get the beaten track a few others were as good, I guess. He is watching porn anyway, it would be you.

EDIT - If you send more information about what is best to have it checked ^ Stan ass, before they have to know a great attention to detail and art to appreciate. And it just feels Zark.

EDIT 2 - Army Wife (Below I \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ /) is not because you're ugly does not mean you have to take the penalty, if somebody wants to be friends with her All the men thumbs down are not really necessary, and the evil to Article 15 UCMJ Chunkers far?

EDIT 3 - Oh. My. God. Note that after a few days ago - when some of us women have asked politely and warmly Girfriends not run your mouth if you have no idea? Here is a classic example - which of you to me is the crown of Article 15 of the UCMJ it? No, you can not, because you are allWrong so far. Article 15 is entitled to the commanders to impose NJP (non-judicial punishment), in some cases. You have nothing to say about pornography or anything - all commanders have the right in certain situations.

Here's the bottom line - it depends on your commander what he does, and not, as a rule, depending on where they are used, and too many other things. If he says no stories, which is the end, but there is always still there. It entirley how and why he decides to exercise its enforcement. A wonderful idea for you to do something good like this for your husband, no, not in difficulty can not, and I am for this entirley.

For all of you want to use legal arguments to make here - Shut up, you have no idea what we say and everything you do, even by hearsay that is inadmissible entirley.

B0uncing... said...

It won `t get in trouble because she is his girlfriend.
Go ahead and do our best to him: `ll keep their minds on, while he is abroad.

Stubs [formerly Lil Ole' Me] said...

The only thing I would say is that it something to my husband (by e-mail), remained on his iPod, and everything was in order. Does not get you into trouble, and appreciated.

to see how it draws the wrong question here?

Lu W said...

Nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

DO IT! But you have hidden in a book. Everything that corresponds to your search. Only the obvious and sometimes not. I only know a guy who has not pron, as we have used. Some even had dudes all DVD collections. I have just a couple of Hustler and Playboy. Therefore, it should be fine. Each device is different, I suppose. Sometimes it can be tight. I alcohol so, needless to say, was not so bad.

Lisha said...

You can send your label, but in a separate envelope (if you return a package) and then label the pictures and they can not open, to see!
I also know how alcohol could be sent if you are interested just email me are! :)
BF is a sailor.

Stan Darsh said...

Of course not manage to see him. I knew the guys, the pictures have all the time. It was always too much to lose to him, but have a lot of guys. You will love it.

Edit: for Army Wife ~ ~ ~ ~ Are you serious? Who the hell is taking losses in the purchase or rank of Article 15? it's like a slap on the wrist. But you know everything because you are a woman in the military, are right?

Vicky S said...

If it for private use, so that's OK. Many soldiers, as I have heard.

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